The Labyrinth Gate has Opened!

by Divine Paine October 8, 2016

As the last pastel hue of the sunrise began to fade a small creek echoed through the forest. The sound disturbed the small  filaments of sunshine that managed to find its way through the thick canopy of multi colored leaves above. Your head turns in the direction of where you think the creek had come from, only to find a door, wooden, carved in elaborate designs now standing where it had not been just a moment before.


The dim luminescent light that filtered through the cracked open door was welcoming, and as you draw closer, you can hear the soft melody of birds mixed in with the soothing sound of a lazy brook. As you enter to investigate this magical wonder, the door closes abruptly, the sharp snap and force felt across your back. All with in that moment, the dewy magical glow and warmth fades.


You now  find yourself locked with in a dark, ominous yet hauntingly beautiful place, twists and turns, eerie sounds mixed with the faded lullaby of hope and beauty. What will you find among these overgrown walls.


WELCOME TO THE LABYRINTH!!!!!!! We at the Ippos Collective hope you enjoy this new shopping experience we have created for you. Wander and enjoy. We will be open from today Oct 8th at noon SLT till Midnight Oct 31st!

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