Welcome to the Labyrinth

by zacmalin September 15, 2016


Here you stand, a candle in hand and only it’s flickering flame to guide you through the dark and twisting paths of…The Labyrinth. The only sound that can be heard are the crunching of dead leaves under your feet. With each step the crunch seems to grow louder and louder until you fear you’ll go insane amidst the never-ending crunch… crunch… crunch. Suddenly, your flame flickers and abruptly vanishes, leaving you alone. In the dark. Your goal and only goal is to…Find a way out! Here it is said the imagination comes alive, where you can find many creatures, flora and fauna that will forever leave your mind perturbed. Perhaps if you are lucky, or unlucky enough, you may come across the humanoid creatures that call this place home, but beware, and some are not as innocent as they appear………  To be continued….

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